• Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Investment; Turkey offers the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in different options that allow the investor to choose what suits the nature of his investments, as follows:

-Buying a property worth $250,000 with a pledge not to sell it for 3 years.

-Depositing $500,000 in a state bank in Turkey for 3 years.

-Buying $500,000 worth of shares in Turkish real estate investment trusts (REITs) or venture capital funds (VCTs)

-Purchasing of government bonds in the amount of 500,000 dollars.

-Purchasing of a company with a capital of 500,000 dollars.

-Employing 50 Turkish employees

What are the advantages of the citizenship by investment program in Turkey?

-The family (wife and children under the age of 18) also obtain the second citizenship with the same investment value without any increase.

-There is no minimum stay required.

-Possibility to dispose of investments and return the money after 3 years

-Not requiring the declaration of assets or income.

-The program is considered the most diverse in terms of ways to obtain citizenship, whereby the investor can choose the most suitable method for him.

-The speed of completion of the transaction, as it does not take more than four months to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport.

-Government fees and administrative expenses when adding family members to the citizenship application file are almost non-existent, and thus this program has the least side expenses in the world.

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